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What is WedTech?

A marriage is a beautiful occasion that we want to share with the world. What better way can there be than doing it online using technology.

WedTech provides great opportunities to enhance, share and remember your wedding day.
From planning to the actual day and beyond, technology is changing the wedding experience for brides, grooms and guests alike. Sharing information is what it all comes down to, and as we all know, technology has made the process virtually seamless.

With WedTech, you can:
  –   Showcase your wedding with a Wedsite designed especially for you & around you.

  –  Invite your guests by sending them a custom designed e-Nimantran.

  –  Alert & Remind your guests about ceremony dates & venues with Wedding Messaging Service.

While these tools won’t take all the stress out of wedding planning, hopefully they can help simplify the process and maybe even give you a few extra moments to enjoy all the wedding ceremonies!

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