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Unlock Pattern Lock on an Android Device

Pattern lock is used for providing an additional layer of security for your Android device. The pattern lock consists of a multiple dots and the user can set up a particular pattern initially which needs to be matched to provide authentication to use your system. Pattern lock is a useful way to protect your data on device. This helps in preventing any unauthorized personnel to access your device.


Just in case, if you forget the pattern then, you can follow below steps to unlock your pattern. Android Phones come with built-in pattern unlocking mechanism to give security to phones. This is very easy to set and use but sometimes due to many wrong attempts, it gets locked permanently after which you need to enter the user ID of your Google play store to unlock your phone device. Just in case there is any problem to unlock the device, if you stop data usage in your phone, so it cannot be connected to internet and then you cannot afford to unlock this phone without using below steps.

Steps to Unlock Android phone without using Google Account

Just follow the below mentioned steps to unlock your phone and use it again for free.

  1. Switch off your Phone and wait for few seconds.
  2. Now hold “Volume Up + Home Key + Power Button” simultaneously at the same time until the phone boots again. You need to make sure that you press all three buttons together.
  3. Now a screen with DOS options will show up.
  4. Use Volume up and down key to navigate and scroll down to “Restore Factory defaults” or use “Delete all User data” depending on your device.
  5. After clicking on above selected option and scroll down to “Reboot System Now” and wait for your system to reboot.


  • This step will delete all your user data and applications.
  • In some phones the second step may use different set of keys to activate the boot prompt. You may use Volume UP/Down button + Power button. You can search for your specified android phone and check for how to set to factory settings again.

Unlock using Google Account

While trying for different patterns and unable to unlock the phone In 5 attempts, a message appears as pop up and shows buttons “next” and “try again”.

Click on next button and see two options for opening the phone. One is security question and second to provide Google Account details.

Mostly people don’t prefer to go for answer security question because you don’t set up your device so completely. Otherwise there is an option to click next. Now you can provide your Google Account username and password which is provided while you sign in. After this, you would be redirected to choose another new pattern and you can easily unlock the patterns.

After looking at the guide, you can now access your phone device and unlock pattern which you forgot while working on the device.


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