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Reasons to analyze your web server logs

In today’s world, everyone uses internet.  We normally search things through internet like location, maps, data, study material, etc.

In today’s world many number of companies are failing to use this information to retain visitors and increase conversions. If you are one of the many companies who are not spending time within your server logs and spends some time in a month, then this article is for you.

Reasons to analyze your web server logs

1) Understanding your visitors brings in more sales. How’s that to get you started?

2) Converting the visitors into customers is cheaper, easier and more effective than acquiring new customers, if you’re not analysing your server logs then you’re losing them on an ongoing basis.

3) Small changes to your main website pages can produce more sales. If by moving the location and text of one of your main page links, or by moving a logo or screenshot on a page, that would increase the number of downloads by 20-25%.

4) More precisely the sources of relevant and targeted visitors. If one of your top referrers starts sending more or less traffic, wouldn’t you like to know?

5) You get a lot of traffic from a variety of sites. Much of it is worthless, some is reasonable and a small percentage is actually worth paying for. In an age dominated by Google AdWords, there are still other advertising options out there. Knowledge is power. Stop wasting opportunities.

6) Businesses improve, expand and give their competition a run for their money by enhancing their abilities, expertise and knowledge. Even a rudimentary level of analysis can reveal an astonishing amount of actionable information.

7) It should be more than enough reasons to convince you that you should be analysing your web server logs files. Assuming that what you’re selling is (a) good and (b) in demand, then you can’t go wrong.

Regular and organised log analysis can only help you make more money. Once your sales start to increase then, buy good log analysis software.

Pay someone to do your WLA for you, using your shiny new log analysis software.

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